Posted on: May 17, 2009 3:16 am

Ohio State vs. USC 2009: Tress4Pres' analysis.

So one of the hot topics all of the sudden is the Ohio State and SC game on Sept. 12, I've had some nice arguments with USC and Michigan fans over this, and I thank UF04 for creating a great post, kudos to you. Now to the beef of the blog, I think USC's spring showed they will be reloaded as usual, and I also think that tOSU's showed that they should be a top tier team. 

First Matchup: WR's (and TE's)

First to the WR's of USC. Some might say Patrick Turner is a key loss, I say no, he was a bust and Damian Williams will be able to break through this season, also with Ronald Johnson with speed, but Vidal Hazleton transferring may hurt in the long run. Any ways I think these guys should be a solid group, now to Ohio State's WR's. 

Ohio State loses it's 2 best WR's, the 2 Brians, and that may hurt, but they also return DeVier Posey, Ray Small (who by the way I think should be out of Tress' doghouse this year), Dane Sanzenbacher (at slot?), Lamaar Thomas who is very fast, along with Spring sensation Taurian Washington, this group will be pretty inexperienced, even though 3 of them are Seniors or juniors, they just haven't played that much, so inexperience hurts this group. 

Winner of WR (includes TE's) matchup: USC 

Next Matchup: Secondary Now, we all here a lot about USC's secondary, and for good reasons, Taylor Mays is the best safety in College Football, and that alone could give them a win in this matchup, but that's not all, they return Josh Pinkard (heard good things about him), and Drew McCallister, and Kevin Thomas, who were among the leaders in INT's last year, but they also lose Kevin Ellison and Cary Harris, so it's not all perfect. 

Ohio State returns both safeties Kurt Coleman, and Anderson Russell, with Jermale Hines backing them out, our safeties our ALOT better than they get credit for, however our secondary will be inexperienced with the losses of Malcolm Jenkins and Donald Washington, we will have to play Froshes and other inexperienced CB's, but Chimdi Chekwa may also be a bright spot. 

Winner of Matchup: USC

Next Matchup: Offensive Line 

USC returns most of their Offensive line, including Jeff Byers who should do them extremely well this year, I'm not gonna make this one long. 

Ohio State's key o-lineman is MICHIGAN transfer Justin Boren, he was a BEAST in spring, along with Mike Adams, and Jim Cordle, it should be solid.

Winner of Matchup: USC (once again) 

Next Matchup: Defensive Line 

The only person I can think of on USC is Everson Griffith, and from what I see, he should have a breakout year for sure. 

Ohio State's number 1 defensive lineman should be Thadd Gibson, and Lawrence Wilson will have a final year, after all injuries. Doug Worthington and Cam Heyward should have solid years also. 

Winner of Matchup: Ohio State 

Next matchup: Running Backs 

USC returns Stafon Johnson, Joe McKnight, Stanley Havili, and CJ Gable (? Not sure if he returns), any ways, as usual USC should have one of the best running back tandems in the nation.

Ohio State loses Beanie, of course, and also Mo Williams, but also returns "Boom" Herron, and "Zoom" Saine (Dan and Brandon), tOSU also picks up Jamaal Berry and Carlos Hyde as Froshes, fullback should also struggle because of no one there. 

Winner of Matchup: USC 

Next Matchup: LB's 

USC usually has a solid LB crew, and also has a beast coming up in Chris Galipo , I've also heard good things about Malcolm Smith, who should be fast. 

Ohio State also usually has a solid LB crew, with losses of Laurinaitis and Freeman, we need to reload, and with Ross Homan returning, and Dorian Bell, Etienne Sabino, and Austin Spitler coming into the rotation we should keep it up. 

Winner of Matchup: Ohio State 

Next Matchup: QB (ahh finally here) 

With Mitch Mustain out of the picture, it's a 2 man race for USC, I think if Barkley starts, he will struggle in a 102,000 plus filled stadium in only his second start, I also think the same for Aaron Corp, who is fast, which I don't think will fit in at USC, Let's not forget Sanchez had 4 starts before the OSU game with 3 years of the system in his brain before his start, and it was a home game, so don't tell me it's the same. 

Now to perhaps the hottest topic, Terrelle Pryor. Over Spring he showed drastic improvements of throwing the ball, and we all know he has speed, his size also helps, and his speed I think will be able to get into the safeties of USC and wear them down. I also think that he will throw the ball more than people think, and USC will struggle against him scrambling around and running or getting the ball to the WR's. He also will no longer have the label of freshman, which us OSU fans know, Tressel doesn't let freshman's completely fly around, so we will see more of TP doing his thing out there, with his leadership also. 

Winner of Matchup: Ohio State 

Wrap Up: USC wins 4 out of the 7 match-ups, including secondary, offensive lineman, running back, and WR's. Ohio State also won QB, Linebacker, and Defensive lineman match-ups, I will also not give my direct prediction of the game either, but this topic has gave me the label of one of the better known college football posters on here, so I thank it for that. Leave your comments and thoughts PLEASE!
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